Adventures In Turning Tom's Woodturning Odessey
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This site is dedicated to my love of all things wooden, and my journey from complete novice to whichever stage I reach as a woodturner.
People have asked me why I don’t sell what I make for a living. Apart from the fact I don’t see my work as being anywhere near the quality of real turners, I see the hobby as a form of therapy. I can spend hours on end sticking bits of metal into bits of spinning wood, and close off the outside world – along with the pressures it tries to present.
I could never do this for a job. Turning a hobby into a job spoils the hobby, and removes the pleasure it once gave. No. I’m perfectly happy messing about, and trying to improve what I do to a standard I am happy with.
I do sell the odd bits here and there, and have had some wonderful feedback from the recipients of my creations. I was recently advised to set up a catalogue to showcase my work. I already have a blog, but that is just a platform for my ramblings and experiences. This is where my turning will ultimately be displayed, and made available for anyone who doesn’t mind parting with a few quid for what could become an heirloom.
Keep popping back for the odd visit. The gallery page will fill up with bits & pieces as I go along the road on my turning adventure. One day, you might see something you like.

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