Adventures In Turning Tom's Woodturning Odessey
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At present, I don’t have much I feel is of sale quality. There are a few individual pieces I think are good enough. These will appear below through time
Cup and Saucer
Cup & Saucer
This cup & saucer is made from beech. The wood is all from one single tree.

The finish is paste wax.

Wee Urn
Small Urn
This urn is made from yew. Size is approx 4” high by 2.5” diameter. Ideal vessel for ashes from your pet.
The finish is paste wax.

Beech Bowl
Small Beech Bowl
This bowl is made from beech and has a natural inclusion on the outside where the bark was. Size is approx 4” diameter by 2.5” high.
Finish is shellac with paste wax over.

Arty Vessel
Tall Lidded Vessel
This piece is a lidded vessel made from oak. Size is approx 16” high by 4” diameter at widest point
Finish is shellac with paste wax over.

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